Rights of Content Usage


(1) Your images remain yours. 

You can use them as you please for prints, social media, portfolio website, model’s social media, books, workshops, pamphlets, interviews about you for other media outlets… That is YOURS.
Just don’t send the images we approved to another magazine. That’s all we ask.
Because we invest a lot of time and money, as well as our combined team’s editorial, design, and marketing expertise to provide you with a privileged space.

In exchange, you allow us to have exclusive magazine publication rights for a small set of your images.

WASEmag reserves the right to remove your images from this site, our social media channels and refuse to print an essay it if this clause is broken.

(2) As a photographer, you assure WASEmag that:
a. the work is yours and you have the necessary rights and permissions from all people involved, especially models, to reproduce it;
b. when nudity is involved you assure us that both you and the model were over 18 years old (or the legal age of majority in your country, if higher) at the time of the shoot.

(3) You formally grant us the right to freely use your images on this site, on our Instagram feed, on any other social network (such as – but not limited to – Flickr, Twitter, Vero, Ello and Facebook) under the name of this magazine; on PDF or Print Editions of the magazine, special issues and other materials representing WASEmag as a publication when and if they become available.

(4) Since we need to generate enough revenue to keep the magazine working we have – or intend to have – different forms of content subscription, sales of print or PDF magazine and/or other revenue-generating systems based on the content we publish. By “content” we mean everything directly published in our website, including texts and images specifically submitted by us for such usage.
When submitting your images or texts, you specifically grant WASEmag.com the rights to sell print, PDF or any other form of digital edition containing the work you are sending us. You also allow WASEmag.com to have that content available in an on-line accessible form, either free of charge or as part of a subscription.


(5) This agreement DOES NOT allow WASEmag to sell individual images or a set of images to third parties. It DOES NOT allow WASEmag to sell individual prints made from your files. And it DOES NOT allow WASEmag to sell, trade or give away your digital files.
* Do note that, as anything that can be shown on a screen, we can’t be held responsible for people willing to take screenshots. This applies to all forms of digital media and all social media channels, from Facebook to Instagram to Flickr to any magazine that exists on-line.

(6) If you publish some of the images you sent us on your social nets, we’d request you to link them to this site – www.wasemag.com – and create a story or post on your Instagram feed when we publish the images. That helps everyone’s work to get seen by more people!

(7) We will reproduce credits exactly as they are sent them to us. You are the sole responsible for sending us model / MUA / assistant etc names and, if pertinent, IG / site accounts.

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