Naked Truth

What is ‘Naked Truth’ – this blog – about?

Hi! My name is Charles and I’m the publisher of WASEmag. If you follow us on IG or have read the print/electro version of the mag you probably know that, but still….

Charles K. _ portrait of Carla

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind a worldwide global transnational Art Nude publication? Have you ever been curious about the people running it, running after it and, in general, getting little sleep because of it?

Or maybe at times you stare at some images we published and wonder “why that, why now, what does it mean?”.

I’ll talk about all that and much more here. I’ll share some insights I gained by talking to so many different cultures and, within each culture, so many different individuals.

Most of all I want to share, because the core of this magazine is obviously photography but then it’s also about being a community of people who like making creative images of other people.

I decided to name this blog “The Naked Truth” for two reasons: first, it’s, hum, about a ‘naked people’ magazine. And then I’d like it to be honest. There’s no single truth but if I strip my words of marketing business sales propaganda intentions … you’ll get pretty close to what I think.

BTW, here’s the place where I get to say “me” and “I” instead of “we, at WASEmag”. I decided to keep it personal — kind of “captain’s log” if we were on the Enterprise. ( I do miss Spock. )

More new columns and a whole new interview section are coming to further expand debates and talks in our freely expressive nude photo lovers community, so a lot of people will get a chance to talk. :o)

I hope you’ll enjoy it and I hope you leave your questions, comments, ideas, suggestions etc below.


[* image by Charles K. ]

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