Naked Truth

Sad truths about censorship and globalization

It’s both fitting and sad that my first post for The Naked Truth turns out to be about censorship and the failures of globalization.

As I’m working on some deep transformations for WASEmag’s website, from having members-only paid content that will benefit creators — I’ll address this in another post [**] — to having our site translated into a gazillion languages to having a forum … I hit walls all the time.

Good thing that I’m a headbanger, though not of the heavy metal variety.

First, censorship. WASEmag and our contributor’s work — probably your work if you’re reading this — is “called names” everywhere around the web. We’re adult as if childish was the thing to be, NSFW as if anything other than boredom is suitable for work, erotic as if that was a bad thing, porn as if that was worse than politics.

We are … we are… urgh, we CREATE things! What is it do be expected from sensitive people that think what they want?

While filling out Yet Another Webservices Trial Form tonight I got to their “oh, and another thing” page where they stated they don’t accept “adult” content. Meaing: a forum about Candy Crush is great but if you try to do Human Body Art … Good golly, gosh!, are you in for trouble with Global Mummy and Daddy!

I sent them a nice mail explaining that WASEmag is much closer to the MOMA or the Vatican Museum than to Hustler or Playboy. And, BTW, even if I don’t like Playboy it has every right to be there. Regarding the Vatican Museum… don’t get me started. Nudity is everywhere and they even have a special room with a huge queer painting that covers all the ceiling.

Back on track: to add insult to injury, perjury and prejudice, a lot of services are currently using a payment gateway called Stripe. Stripe is a great serious company and I respect them except … I live in Brazil.

Yes, WASEmag, the global publication is currently being run from a country that’s not even in the map for some people out there. Yes, Brazil is the 8th biggest economy in the world and our biggest bank is ranked globally as #18, a bit behind Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley but way up from small fry like Lloyds, Credit Suisse or the Deutsche Bank. But there’s no Stripe here.

Many other tools are not available “in your region” – that’s me, that’s here, and that’s me trying to build something interesting and useful for a lot of people everywhere -, although we keep reading about how the world is “just one now” because of the web. When you’re not living in Europe or in the US, you get a different view on things.

While getting content for WASEmag all of us that work in it, with it, for it are constantly faced to many cultural differences and the limits every culture has. (More about that on a later article.) We’re also constantly facing the many problems related to an absurd amount of governmental restrictions, layers upon layers of laws, censorship everywhere … And therefore I’m writing this as some of you might want to look further than obvious IG censorship and into more widespread, discreet, hushed lines saying “you and your kind are not welcome here”.

Next time you are listening to Sting singing “one world is enough / for all of us”, give it some thought.

[* opening image from WASEmag’s Batcomputer while trying to get YAW – Yet Another Webservice – to work ]

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