Wabisa Bi

Japanese intimate portraiture

It’s great to see women change over time.
However, to describe femininity in one word or phrase would be a vain effort, as everyone’s bodies are different and unique.
Skin color, hair type, the way their butts and hips are shaped… 

I photograph nude women so that I can show everything that’s unique about each of them in a new light.
For my work, I don’t take photos of many different women.
Instead, I focus on a few women and photograph them over a period of time.
I feel that these women are truly beautiful. I’m excited to continue capturing their metamorphosis. 
The expressions and body lines I discover are entirely different from one year to the next. 
When I look through these images it’s like each women has left a trace of their love for me behind in those photographs. 

For this reason, there’s something I would like to say to all women: if you want to take nude photos, let a lover take then.
No matter how expensive their camera is, no matter how famous or skillful a photographer is, no one can match the look of a person gazing upon their lover.

To photographers, here’s what I would say:
Intimate portraiture is a representation of the tender passion that can only be felt for women that you see each and every day.
Please reflect on this: in spite of deepening wrinkles and darkening skin spots over the years, a lover will always look upon his beloved one with happiness, even more so than a parent would.

I do understand, however, that others may hold the exact opposite opinions.

Regardless of what one’s life has been up to a certain point, you will find more beauty in those who live for the present.
It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl.

And so I keep taking nude pictures as a way of getting some revenge on those who perceive sex as a commercial product.


Wabisa Bi

* translated from the Japanese by Adam Landis; final English editing by Charles K.


    Wabisa Bi is a Japanese female photographer that sometimes also figures in her own photographs


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