Rafael Frota

is a photographer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

All art is useless (Oscar Wilde)

My work is born of my need to say nothing. Despite post-modernity often & vehemently preaching the opposite, any description that would serve as an intermediary between what is seen and what is feelt it is not always essential, as I believe that indiscriminate questioning is an obstacle to a deeper, more meaningful appreciation.

Influenced by movements such as Pictorialism, Aestheticism, Surrealism and Expanded Photography, I develop experimental processes where I use as a central pillar the trivial, but not obsolete, idea of “ars gratia artis”. Through graphics interventions I try to transcend the characteristic reality of the photographic medium in order to create atmospheres that allow viewers to perceive my image in a more aesthetic and less cognitive mode.

In what I do there is nothing to be understood – there’s either meaning or nonesuch.

[Translated to English by Charles K.]


    Artista Visual e Designer, Técnico em Publicidade pela Escola Técnica de Comunicação (1997), Bacharel em Gravura pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (2005) e Pós-Graduado em História da Arte pela Universidade Estácio de Sá (2019). Dedica-se à pesquisa sobre Fotografia Expandida e Processos Fotográficos Históricos. Também escreve sobre Arte, Cultura, Design e Fotografia, tendo colaborado com diversas publicações do gênero.


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