Paul van Bueren

is an analog photographer based in the Netherlands

I was born on a rainy Saturday in October of 1979 in Goes, the Netherlands. As an artist, my focus is on analog photography.

I discovered this love for analog ten years ago, while I was studying at the Academy of Photography in the Netherlands. When shooting some strangers in front of a large format camera, I felt like being a photographer for the first time. Since then I have been looking for authentic people to take their portraits. My preferred subjects are women, and I strive to tell stories, both the models’ and my own stories.

My work is centered on converting feelings into portraits: I invest the necessary time and attention in order to get authenticity in return. At this moment I mostly work with my Cambo 4×5” camera. It’s fixed to a tripod, so it slows me down, making me feel like I’m a part of the image itself.

All my works are the result of a single shot, built up to that moment when a press the shutter.

I love that feeling.


    My name is Paul van Bueren – 1979, Gouda, The Netherlands
    I am a Large Format Analogue Fine Art Portrait Photographer based in the South of the Netherlands.