Self-portraits from China

姓名 : 吉利香 



My name is Ji Lixiang. I am from Nanjing, China. 
I am studying Rail Electrical Engineering at Nanjing Communications Technical College. 
I don’t like studying too much because I love my freedom.
I also love photography, travel, coffee and music.

I’m just a beginner in photography — I discovered it recently and I’m still learning. 
I want to get more inspirations for my photographs. Sometimes I have some ideas I can’t really explain so I try different shooting methods. 
I like to be in contact with nature, people or things around me. I feel please to record them with my camera.

When it comes to photographing nudes or creating nude body art, I believe the Chinese mind-set is still conservative. 
But I respect the model’s thoughts and shoot the subjects that I’m interested into. 
I feel very lucky to have access to photography.

I like to explore different cities and I like to find quiet cafes where I can have a coffee and edit the pictures I have taken. 
I also like to go to concerts and feel the atmosphere of the scene. That might bring some inspiration to my shooting.

Most of all I love freedom and keeping things casual.


* Thanks to WASEmag’s collaborator Suelynee-Ho for translating the original text from Mandarin. 



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