Jan Farn Chi

Jan Farn Chi is a multidisciplinary creative from Taiwan.

Jan Farn is a multidisciplinary creative from Taiwan, who has been traveling, studying, working and volunteering as an artist, a dancer, a designer, and an art model.
She describes herself ‘A Floating Shape’ as her presence that transforms between different roles.
She tells her stories; she makes serendipities; she shares her thoughts and visions through art, through design, through movements, through literature, through images, and through her pure body.

‘What I am trying to do is to create my own mediums for sharing how I see the world, and body to me is the strongest and the most direct medium to represent my mind.’

I have always been interested in all kinds of arts. Since I wasn’t able to perform more on the stage after started to contribute more time in developing the proficiency in design. I found art modelling is an alternative way to share the beauty of my body performance, then I especially found nudity is such a pure and delicate landscape after my first nude modelling experience in 2017. I also realised how the natural body atrracts me through my arts. I discover that I only like to draw people’s face when they are in clothes, but every uncovered and original figure is so charming to me to draw.

I was used to only share my nude art on certain platforms and separated them from my other works. But then, as I understood myself deeper, I decided to present myself as a whole and wish the audience can accept me with all characters living in the body.

I was studying in England and working in several countries in Europe and Brazil when I began to develop my nude art, where people were comparably more welcome nudity. However, it became more challenging and struggling to me since I moved back to Taiwan last October, and it also has affected other jobs I do.

‘I suppose everyone’s reaction and emotion somehow reflect one’s own thought.
Then, What do you see on me?
Do you only see a sexual form, a nude body?’

I have been told few times by the photographers that ‘you don’t know how you look like in the photos’, and I would always be very confident to say ‘I do know much more about myself than many of others.’

From have been a dancer, I habitually look after my figure sensitively. I develop and dedicate my modelling with as much effort as I progress my other forms of creations as movements, arts, designs, and others. I also always fascinate discovering the shape, the tense, the changing and the possibility of my body. I see nudity is the purest and honest presence as a human being, and I expending the presentation of my body as my thoughts growing. It also constantly reflects my mental status, while I unconsciously express a feeling through the action that my body brings naturally.

I always take care of my condition and prepare my mind for every shooting. I compile a story, a mood and the photographer’s desire that I discovered, then embracing the environment to present a real emotion to create a story. I perform a living humanity with my soul rather than being a beautiful doll.

I regularly improvise movements and try to share my real presentation in front of the camera, the also embrace the environment, feel the desire of the collaborator through our communication to create an unique beauty. For being able to share my soul comfortably, I only work with people having a similar passion and the view to see beauty.

In this situation, I very care about the communication before start working with someone, that I wish the person see my value differently from others as a model.

In my opinion, the beauty of the physical appearance will fade as time goes, but a living spirit will grow even in a still image. That is what I aspire to create through my modelling, which the intention is always the same to all forms of my creations.

I try to transfer a personality, a human connection, and a real emotion through the still images.
I really hope more people can read my spirit besides remembering my body. I hope I can touch the other being through any medium of my presence.

‘I pursue being a completely honest object, towards my self, towards the surrounding,
towards others, towards the environment.’
 – Jan Farn

As a human having a unique personality, as I don’t speak, but if a sensitive audience can take longer time to read, I believe that my voice and stories could be heard.


    Jan Farn Chi is a multidisciplinary creative from Taiwan.
    She tells her stories;
    she makes serendipities;
    she shares her thoughts and visions
    through art, through design, through movements, through literature, through images, and through her pure body.


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