Hubert Helleu

is a photographer and a dancer
born in Lille, France

This series is a tribute to my body that gave me the chance to achieve extraordinary things.
This is the way in which I wanted to say and show that after 50 years the body can still move and that its aging is not inevitable if we take care of it.

About Hubert Helleu:
After studying Graphic and Applied Arts and classical dance at the same time, Hubert Helleu began an international solo career that lasted ten years.

After a stay at the Comédie Française for three years, he wanted to study singing and improve in this discipline.

The success is with the appointment since it chains shows in roles more and more important which will give him the chance to become an accomplished artist and will take him to the United States. (Karole Armitage Ballet-NYC (choreographer of Madonna’s famous video clip “Vogue” and Michael Jackson’s “In the Closet”), Michael Peters, choreographer of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video-clip, in “3 Places for 26 “with Yves Montand, Émilie Jolie, Cats-Paris, Barnum, M.Landowski’s Ice Rink, Ivar Theater-Los Angeles, Caligula at the Comédie Française, Sirella-Japan Tour, etc …).

The body is his inspiration and will remain so until the end because it is for him a source of permanent invention. He considers that he has a great chance to work with beautiful models because he shares with them a very beautiful relationship of trust and respect. Without this, the abandonment and freedom that we discover in his photographs would not exist.


    Après avoir étudié les Arts graphiques et appliqués et parallèlement la danse classique, Hubert Helleu commence une carrière de soliste international qui durera dix ans.


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