Giano Currie

is a fine art photographer
born in SURINAME
 and based in MIAMI, USA

My name is Giano Currie and I am a Visual Artist on a mission to make people aware that we are living in a modern-day renaissance, which we sometimes do not realize.
I believe in telling stories with my work and for the last 12 years of my 28 year old journey, I have devoted to doing that though the digital arts.

What makes me different is my resourceful use of red and blue colored lighting with abstract symbolism on metal prints. My aesthetic can also accommodate appreciators of the cosmos, yoga, history and the women empowerment movement. Besides all that I am a proud citizen of Suriname, my Eldorado.

I think it’s a wonderful time to be alive and while my short introduction ends here, I hope my character can be seen and felt through my work.



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