Franklin Liranzo’s adventures in Iceland

is an american photographer & latin dancer who’s known for his nude self-portraits under the IG nickname TheNudeYorker


Hi! My name is Franklin Liranzo, originally from Dominican Rep. I’m 36 years young and I’m a Professional Photographer and Latin Dancer.

Three years ago I started taking self-portraits during my many travels… Back then I had zero intentions to post the photos on any medium. However, a little over a year ago I decided to share my images on Instagram and the response has been overwhelmingly fantastic. 

My usual setting happens to be in the hundreds of hotels I stay in as part of my trips… on June 2018 I decided to plan out an entire shoot in My favorite place in earth – ICELAND!! 

I have always been drawn to the outdoors and to this date it is my favorite scenario for shooting. Iceland has such a magical look and feel everywhere you go… it was only logical to dedicate and entire photographic production to this wonderful place.

Facing the unforgiving elements (while fully nude) is no easy task – i was often drained from hiking with heavy gear and props, cold from the low temperatures and high winds, and hungry, as I was often in the middle of nowhere. 

To learn more about this amazing expedition, I have teamed up with WASEmag for an exclusive interview and awesome BTS footage, which we are honored to share with our readers. 

… and this is Charles K. now, CEO & Publisher of WASEmag. We’re very happy that Franklin choose to share with us his imagery and his BTS movies, complemented with an exclusive interview done by editor Ross Spirou.
We’ll start by posting his images and follow up with the rest of the material. Keep tuned!