Dear Indifference

We All Wear A Mask Sometimes

The Art of Self-Portraiture is a Marriage of Contradictions…
Arrogance and Humility,
Confidence and Insecurity,
Strength and Weakness,
Courage and Fear, 
Passion and Indifference,
it is to be
Guarded yet Exposed…
I love to explore Emotions, specifically Vulnerability. There’s something powerful about letting go. I think people connect with what they feel, what they recognize, so that’s always my goal… I want to present something Honest and Real, and Raw. I just want to capture what I Feel, that’s really my only criteria. I love when the emotions seem to contradict each other too, how can something feel vulnerable and still feel courageous? The idea that these emotions can exist together, simultaneously, is endlessly Fascinating to me.


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