Carla Boboc & Ciprian Strugariu

this is a collaboration between
Carla, model, and Ciprian, photographer
both are based in Romania

Black and white magic woman.

I’ve always wanted to live things and tell stories about, since I believe that human life is a big journey with different chapters and all that matters is this – our experiences – and not the end. This is the main reason for what I’m doing this, it’s amazing how every shooting is different and how many things you can experience. Wearing no clothes is a decision I made because I believe this way you can’t be distracted and you can channel your feelings and emotions easier. Instead of admiring some textiles, you can explore the curves, the bones, the shape of a big piece of art, the human body.

I am Carla and the woman in pictures is me, “telling” you one of my stories, helped by lovely Ciprian Strugariu.

I wanted for a long time some pictures with a vintage car, but never thought about a Triumph Spitfire, when Ciprian asked me. We chose to go on a countryside road and we found one with an amazing sunset wiev and a smell that I can remember only from my childhood – the smell of the fields.

When he showed me a picture and I discovered how everything looks on black and white, my mind instantly went back to the 70’s and all I could hear was “I got a black magic woman”. Although there are connexions between the song and the car, like the country and the year, I’m not a black woman, as you can see. Plus I don’t know for sure if, back then, people did drive this car listening to this song, but well, this is the story that I lived here – let’s leave the details to the “magic” part of the song, that era, the BW mood…

While the sun was going down, I could see the city lights. It was such a quiet night… When I looked up and I discovered the sky full of stars … it was amazing. Everything was from another world. “Transcendence” is the perfect word: for a while, I was that “black magic woman”.


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