Breno Barros

is a Brazilian photographer based in Belém

Hi! I’m Breno Barros, an amateur photographer from Belém, PA, Brazil.

I work mainly with nudes, using digital and analog photography, although I prefer working with film. I have been working with nude photography for about ten years, almost always in natural surroundings involving water and the Brazilian countriside.

In this work, I present nudes using a single exposure underwater. I used a Nikonos V camera and explored the imaginary of Nimueh, the Lady of the Lake.

* All photos shot using Nikonos V + 35mm lens and long-expired Kodak Vision II (metered at ISO 50). The film was cross-processed using C41 chemistry.


    Sou um captor de almas. E a alma está nua.
    Fotografias digitais e analógicas.


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