Anton Lind

is a freelance photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden

When I was 12 years old I started playing the guitar and around the same age I started photographing when my dad gave me a camera.

I went on to a 35 year long career as a professional musician and teaching at a music school. I was always photographing as a hobby and doing the occasional assignment on the side. I reached a point where I felt that I needed more photography in my life so for the past 10 years I ́ve been working fulltime as a freelance photographer mainly doing portraits and reportage.

If I ́m going to describe my approach to photography I guess the keyword is simplicity.

I use very simple equipment, a mix of digital and analog, I don ́t use any fancy light setups, I use either natural light or a simple onelight flash setup. Everything you see here was shot at home in my two bedroom apartment in suburbia.

I want my images to be casual, relaxed, unposed. Photographing people is all about communication, trust, timing. It ́s exactly the same as playing in a band! So I guess I ́m still doing the same thing…I just play a different instrument.


    I’m a freelance photographer based in Stockholm Sweden.