Adam Landis

American photographer based in Tokyo

Shadows, lights & bodies

These models brought a wonderful energy to this shoot, infusing it with a feeling of the city that I could never describe with words. This is why this series is about everyone’s feelings about everyday life. It’s about shadows, just a little light, and bodies.

These happen to be the three things that first brought me to photography, and I feel it’s fitting that they are the things I have chosen to pursue after some consideration.

Through playing with light and shadow and making bodies into exotic-yet-familiar compositions I feel that we can get closer to an appreciation of the human body that, in a way, feels discouraged in many cultures at the moment. Each one of us hides under pounds of clothes something that is dear and precious.

By making art about the human form, I hope to elevate the dialogue around nudity in the international community. With every frame I hope I can foster a connection between the audience and the model, to convey a shared emotion. The Black that always lingers in the shots helps the background fall away.

Its about the models, not anything else.


    I’m a photographer from Virginia, in the USA. I’ve worked in commercial photography, studio portraiture, and now I’ve begun focusing on fine art portraiture.

    I have a passion for the human form and I’m curious about the human condition and conveying these together through intimate stills.