Worked With Photographers

“Mythological forest creature with hair like the roots of ancient trees”

I’ve been modelling since I can remember. My father used to bring me to the park in Florence on Sunday mornings and take portraits of me with his very heavy 1980s film Canon. Days later he’d let me into the home dark room and, like magic, made the pictures appear on paper. It was love at first sight for me.

At the age of 20 I started working in the Florence Academy of Arts as a life drawing model and made it my full-time job for a while. After moving to Ireland in 2007, I pursued other interests for a few years, but couldn’t resist when asked to model again in 2010. Modelling is my way of telling stories, of expressing myself. It’s not just a job, I feel the physical and psychological need to do it. I am sad if I don’t model for some time. Like a musician who doesn’t play. 

Growing up in Florence, I am heavily influenced by Classic and Renaissance Art. I think the love for Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Donatello reflects clearly in my images. I find Nature the most inspiring thing of all though. I love working outdoors, melting in the landscape, being the tiny human in the magnificence of Mother Nature. I feel safe and free in the forest and posing becomes fluid and natural. 

I am based in the West of Ireland, but I travel all the time. I also organize photoshoots with travelling models in a Castle in Ireland and bring photographers to landscape nude photography tours in the West of Ireland. 

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