Self Portraits

Worked With Models

I am my own photographer and Model in all my artworks.
Since 2008 I created my Self-Portraits in the rental room alone.
Include setting everything, without any partner.
Creation is like my image diary and an extend for emotions.
They are so interrelated with me.

How do you reflect when you look at me?  How do I respond when I saw you?

About myself

I am the second child and grew up in a single parent family at south of Taiwan.
Being from a “single family” didn’t affect me too much. On the contrary, it was neglected by my family and bullied by my friends witch made my childhood unhappy and inferiority.
(If you allow me, I’d rather not talk about this for too long. After all, it’s over! And I don’t want people looking at me with any sort of pity.)
I still don’t look myself in the mirror very often, but I’m trying to improve this.
Maybe – just maybe – I have been a weirdo since I was a child. In terms of gender recognition, I feel that there is no difference between falling in love with a woman or a man.
The while point is “LOVE”, isn’t it?

Taking pictures, reading, drawing, carving, and staring at the sky … I love all those things.
But my previous job was as an engineer, working on programming for customers.

About my body art

I shoot some materials and then compose them with my body as part of this image. Sometimes it will be just a simple image of myself. Recently I have been trying to create art-videos.

I try to exclude any form of gender signification, for I believe my body is a neutral material that can mean everything! It’s pure and raw, unhindered by cumbersome objects.
In each detail, there’s a significance and necessity of existence in itself.
Imbalance in the moment seems to be anxious, depend on the present situation.
Everything is constantly changing, isn’t it?

In the end, however, everything will return to its natural path.

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