Megan Van De

Photographer and Self Portraits

Megan van de is a Naarm/Melbourne, Australia, based, English/Dutch Artist, Educator and Counsellor-in-training. With a focus on photography and writing, and forever inspired by honesty, curiosity and grace.

I’m an English/Dutch Jack-of- all-trades, with a background in fashion and education. I’m naturally shy (not that people believe me nowadays) and I am eternally fascinated by people and their stories. Photography is a long-running affair that sprang out of this and I love the connections it allows and encourages, and the freedom to explore that it offers.

I’m interested in who we think we are and the labels we give ourselves and how we choose to identify ourselves, particularly in terms of gender, sexuality, body, heritage and personality. As a queer female and an ever-learning, intersectional feminist, I’m curious about the ideas of being looked at and being seen and ‘the femme gaze’ as a concept. I’m also aware of the importance of representation and
how much it matters to try to show and celebrate difference and diversity. I like to explore vulnerability and softness with the people I collaborate with and try to always cultivate comfortable settings, in which to be creative safely. I also hope to assist people in finding honest ways of seeing themselves, which feel empowering.

I want people to feel my images. I am not prescriptive about what, or why, but I wish for people to see the honesty and reality in the images, but also the fantasy and creativity there, too. I love imagery that makes you wonder…that tells a piece of a story, but leaves unanswered questions and holds mystery. I want you to want to meet the humans in the images and discover their untold depths.

Curiosity is key. I believe that every human has value and a story and that it doesn’t take much to slow down and pay attention to that.

I’ve learnt (and continue to learn) so much about myself through photography – there is nowhere to hide when making images, whether behind the camera, or in front of it, it is intimate and can be raw and exposing and really enables you to see yourself more honestly, if you let it, what you actually look and feel like. It has helped me to make peace with aspects of myself and also keeps me wanting to discover more of myself and other people.

To me beauty is the desire to keep looking … unanswered questions, hiddenwonders, and also the reality- the scars, the texture, the vulnerability, the hurts, there is so much magic in the truth.

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