Mark Thomson


Worked With Models

Mark Thomson started his career with Photography in 1975 and worked as both a photographer and specialist dark room technician for the next 22 years.

During this time he had the opportunity of working with and learning from some of Australia’s greatest masters and award winning photographers of that era.

This was way before digital applications existed and all photo editing, masking, retouching, B&W, colour, density and exposure control had to be done manually in both the dark room and laboratory. It was an art form of its very own.

Over the past 45 years, Mark has continually worked on his photography, style, techniques, themes and genres and over the past 5 to 6 years he has specialized in fine-art, portrait and art-nude photography.

Collaborating with models from around the world, he creates imaginative works of art that very often, convey a strong message or story to the audience. He says, “it’s important to ignite people’s imaginations and emotions when they see my photography

Albums and Galleries

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