Worked With Photographers

I have neither artistic nor any kind of creative background.

I have grown up in the former Soviet and the communist spirit characterized my childhood, everything was about education and sports. There was no room for any artistic or creative expression.

A few years ago I have begun studying the Zen. The more I understood the concept o freedom, the more I felt a need to express it in some way. Zen has also taught me that human beings have no limits …. it is fear, expectations, shame, social norms etc that erect a barrier preventing you to do what you want and love to do.

Just like any other mother of 5, I had many complexes about my body so I decided to fight them by doing fine art nude. And I fell in love with it! The feeling of freedom is amazing. Luckily, I got to know the talented photographer Joakim Nilsson who pulls my creative side out of me.

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