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I’m a Dutch photographer, already living my entire life in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Back in the analogue days when I was still very young, I dreamed to become a reporter/photojournalist. I attended the Photo academy and specialized after graduation  in theatre, music and news feature. Great way to learn the job,  visit lot of music gigs, but also long days, short weekends. That made me decide after some years to switch and choose for a career in IT, and start photographing  just like millions of other people.

But about 5 years ago, after several years of following and collecting work of  young US/UK contemporary photographers I decided to get back  “on the road again” and pick up the camera for the next round. Mainly focusing now on model photography, art-nudes,  for 90% B/W and digital. But maybe from a nostalgic perspective, I got although it’s called “Instant” and you paradoxal still have  to wait for results,  addicted to Polaroid/ Instax material. Especially the Impossible material trained you to love the perfection of imperfection.

In my work I’m aiming for a total natural look . My approach is , of course together with the invaluable effort of my models, that this “pose of naturality” also  reflects in the images

And  the luxury of my current early retirement gives me now even more flexibility and freedom to  focus  fully on  my photography and explore new ways.

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