Brian Cann


Worked With Models

I’m a British/American photographer and recovering academic living near Stuttgart, Germany.

I’m a people photographer whose work concentrates on the non-exploitative portrayal of the human body and explorations of intimacy, sexuality and aging.

I was born in England, moved to Germany to become American, but still living near Stuttgart, Germany. I taught math at school and then at university but was more interested in the processes of learning that the content. I studied photography, then stopped, then started again, motivated by early retirement and his wife.

For the longest time I specialization in the studio, then, slowly transitioned to work outside. Portraits of athletes, many of them masters, morphed into figure studies and explorations in erotic and fetish photography, often with the same models: typically strong, fit, and older. The goal is non-exploitative, authentic portraits that stay away from cliche and in which the models are co-creators: collaborators in a process.

I shoot pictures to hang on walls or to appear in print. The past few years have seen my works edited in juried exhibitions in Stuttgart, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Glasgow, Scotland, and with upcoming shows in Montenegro, France, and Rochester, NY. My images have appeared in print in IoN magazine (issues 12 and 20), CarbonBw (issues 3 and 4) and ‘Mein heimliches Auge’ (#s 33 and 34), Format magazine and elsewhere …

Albums and Galleries

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