Billy Monday


Worked With Models

WELCOME! For over a decade, I’ve focused my attention on creating photographic nudes. Whether captured in landscape environments, worldwide, or in my studio in Frederick, Maryland, each successful image receives careful processing and printing. I hope that you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoy creating them.

The Human Form:

We each are intimate with our own, yet we also find ourselves drawn to others. Fascinating, in an instant both familiar and mysterious, it is small wonder that artists have sought to capture the shape of humanity since the first cave paintings.

For me, the nude is the ultimate photographic challenge. This is the wonder of God’s creation – His masterpiece – and must be approached with sensitivity. The beauty and complexity of our body is fascinating, and the task of capturing it in respectful images is one that I greatly enjoy.

My photographs can be placed in two categories: those images which I make in the studio are studies in lighting, contrast and geometry; whereas the images made in the natural environment, which I call “landscape nudes,” are my attempt to fuse landscape photography with figure art.

I have the good fortune to live in the scenic rolling hills and mountains of western Maryland. Here, the natural environment offers puffy clouds, rocky cliffs, and waterfalls cascading through verdant forests. Occasional trips to the American West and other compelling locales offer more opportunities for my models and me to create the visions which haunt my dreams.

When the winter winds blow, it’s into the studio to enjoy the comfort, control and flexibility which that environment affords. Indoors, the models and I work on concepts which explore geometry, chiaroscuro, and the drama of strong negative spaces.

Many of my works are available directly from me as fine-art prints. I make my prints with a pigment-on-paper process on archival art papers, and package them in a poly bag complete with a custom mat.

Albums and Galleries

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