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Ji Lixiang: Views on nude photography from China

Some of my own ideas and those of friends around me can’t represent everyone’s ideas. In my opinion, China is a relatively developed country, and there may be many artists delving into the human body, but I haven’t had much contact with them yet.

I live in the city of Nanjing in China, its history is sad and oppressive. The Nanjing Massacre is edged in the memory of the Chinese people. Few in today’s society pay attention to our history, but those of the older generation still remember it. The current development of Nanjing is very good and I like the city very much. There are still many old buildings in the old area where there is still a sense of history. I came to this city three years ago, it has brought me a lot of surprises and joys. It has broadened my horizons and it is where my photographic journey began.

When I ask my friends about nudity, some think that it is disrespectful to the human body. As long as the private parts are exposed, people will have infinite imagination: they think that nudity will produce sexual desire. People from older generations think it is an expression of self-hate.

When I first came into contact with photography, I also thought that nude photography was disrespectful to the human body. Then I gradually appreciated the beauty that the human body brought with it, and slowly changed my thinking. Some people believe that since humans are naked when they came to this world, therefore they are clean and pure. The benevolent sees the benevolence. The wise sees wisdom. Prostitutes will see kinky. Some of my friends think nudity is a manifestation of their own beauty. Different people have different ideas, it depends on individual perspectives. Some people can’t accept nudity – maybe because their eyes aren’t open enough, or maybe their hearts are closed, or it could be narcissism.

In terms of sex, people nowadays are more relaxed, yet some people still have traditional ideas, “it is only after they get married that they can have sex”. These are some of my thoughts and my friends’ ideas, which of course do not represent everyone’s thoughts.

There are also many cities greatly developed. You will find different mindsets in different cities. For example, Shanghai gives people a feeling of prosperity. Nanjing has a rich cultural background. Today’s youth have different ideas. My ideas are not capable to epresent all the the Chinese people – after all, I was a child who has just become an adult.



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