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Suelynee Ho: Simple is not easy

In the dark you guarded the light with a seemingly casual attitude.
But, I understood how difficult it was.
It’s also because you let me listen and read your stories, and even let me participate in it.
My soul was recording your wisdom and experiencing your frustrations, also mixed with my own.

It allowed me to make the choice and accumulate all the way to grow into what I am today.

Our respective stories continue to go on, and there will be other versions of life that are worthy to look forward to.
So, I wrote this short poem to pay the tribute to all the respectable people I have met in my life.
Reluctant to crush the facts.
Understanding and choosing to be gentle and kind is not easy.
It is not because I feel aching for myself or others.
All in need is to face the truth and live clearly.  

    I am my own photographer and Model in all my artworks.
    Since 2008 I created my Self-Portraits in the rental room alone.
    Include setting everything, without any partner.
    Creation is like my image diary and an extend for emotions.
    They are so interrelated with me.


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