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Jan Farn Chi: Me and Lily

She was called Lily, my first friend when I moved to England five years ago.

Lily found my phone left in the toilet and returned it to me.
Lily likes spicy food, so do I.

She was always cooking with a lot of chillis, while I was sketching on the dining table at her flat.

Sometimes I used their oven and my muscular arms to whisk eggs for making a cake. I had no oven at mine.

Lily’s Irish boyfriend would share the soothing green tea with us that he brought back from Ireland.

The distance between our accommodations just took a song to walk to.

I remember the distance between me and Lily…
I miss Lily. Lovely Lily.

    Jan Farn Chi is a multidisciplinary creative from Taiwan.
    She tells her stories;
    she makes serendipities;
    she shares her thoughts and visions
    through art, through design, through movements, through literature, through images, and through her pure body.


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